Akatec Angle Jet 4475

    SKU: TCD178004





    This product has been developed for hard to access surfaces and for overhead cleaning. Akatec Fine Spray guns can be equipped retrospectively for the use with the Akatec Angle Jet 4475. The adjustment of the spray gun by Akachemie's specialist is necessary. The tiny granules this machine uses are derived from Wishab Sponges. Granules are available in 3 varieties (Extrafine, Fine & White ? for paper), and can often be reused up to 5 times before they become saturated with dirt, and should be replaced. The size of these small granules make them ideal for cleaning inside of hard to reach crevices and contours. Length: 50 cm Inner diameter: 6 mm Angle jet turnable: 360 Material: Aluminium adapter with stainless steel pipe Weight: ca. 150 g For products: akablast fine; akablast extra fine