Akatec Fine Spray Gun 4401

    SKU: TCD178003





    This device is relies on standard compressed air to deliver Akablast fine powder through a hopper and gun assembly.

    The Akatek Fine Spray Gun comes with two nozzles specially designed to deliver the Akablast material, and the air volume and the powder volume are both independently controlled and regulated separately.

    A key benefit to this unit is its ability to be used outdoors on large scale work. The tiny granules this machine uses are derived from Wishab Sponges. Granules are available in 3 varieties (Extra fine, Fine & White for paper), and can often be reused up to 5 times before they become saturated with dirt, and should be replaced. The size of these small granules make them ideal for cleaning inside of hard to reach crevices and contours. 

    Personal protective gear should be used when using this product, including but not limited to goggles, mask, and gloves.

    Hopper content: 5 litres
    Recommended Compressor Power = min 250 L/min
    Maximum Working Pressure = 5 bar

    Product Includes the following:
    1 x Hopper Spray Gun
    2 x Nozzles for Akablast
    3 x Nozzles for Plaster (Diam 4.5, 6.0, 8.0mm)
    2 x Nozzles for Plaster (Diam 15, 18mm)
    1 x 45 degree Angle Nozzle
    2 x Hose Clamp
    1 x Funnel 5 Liter
    1 x Needle for plaster of Paris
    1 x Instruction Manual