Akatec Fine Spray Gun 4400

SKU: TCD178003


This machine is based on a standard chips-gun which has been modified for the use of akablast fine. It uses the injector-method to transport the akablast fine. Generally, all chips-gun can be used with some amendments to the spraying pipe diameter and air supply. A key benefit to this unit is its ability to be used outdoors on large scale work. The tiny granules this machine uses are derived from Wishab Sponges. Granules are available in 3 varieties (Extrafine, Fine & White for paper), and can often be reused up to 5 times before they become saturated with dirt, and should be replaced. The size of these small granules make them ideal for cleaning inside of hard to reach crevices and contours. Hopper content: 5 litres Container diameter: 240 mm Air consumption: about 150 l/min. (3?8 bar) Nozzle diameter: 6 mm Recommended hose diameter: 6 mm Air quality: dry, cleaned, oil & fat free Weight: 880 g Precautionary measures: Protection glasses & a mask if necessary For products: akablast fine; akablast extra fine