Arten Gel Silica Gel Packs

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Arten Gel’s unique properties give it excellent capacity to absorb and release moisture within the standard relative humidity range for artifacts in museums. Arten Gel is the most cost-effective humidity buffering product available when compared to other high performance silica gels such as Art Sorb. The flexible, moisture-permeable packaging of the sachets allows for a simple, clean installation by museum staff.

An Arten Gel 4-Pack comes is a MarvelSeal® bag, which contains four 350g (.78 lbs), moisture permeable sachets of our Arten Gel. Each Arten Gel sachet measures 7 x 5 inches and is about 1 inch high. Based upon standard museum recommendations, one Arten Gel sachet will condition 2 to 4 cubic feet of case volume (2 cubic feet for permanent exhibits, and 4 cubic feet for temporary applications). This takes into account that more silica gel is required for long-term exhibitions to provide a stable buffering environment.

The efficiency of silica gel as a moisture buffering agent is determined by the amount of moisture that is adsorbed or desorbed within a specified relative humidity (RH) range. The term “M-Value” represents the amount of moisture that is gained or lost for each 1% change in RH (once the silica gel is in equilibrium with surrounding RH conditions) based on 1000 grams of dry silica gel.

RHapid Gel had an M-Value of approximately 8. Arten Gel has an M-Value of 5.6. To compensate for this M-Value, an additional 40% of Arten Gel is added to each sachet to achieve the same moisture buffering capacity of the RHapid Gel sachet. This will increase the size of each sachet to 7 x 5 inches and about 1 inch high.

Although the Arten Gel sachet contains more silica gel than the Rhapid Gel sachet. 

The price above is for 4 sachets, each sachet will condition the same volume of air as the previous RhapidGel sachets.