Caba Bark Papers

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$9.50 (Sheet)
This acid-free, 150gsm paper is a wonderful choice for a variety of fine art applications, including acrylic and gouache painting, ink and pastel drawings, crafts, invitations, cards, decoration, block printing, bookmaking, bookbinding, lampshades and other papercrafts.

Handmade from natural tree bark, each sheet is unique and varies in shade, color, weight, and pattern. The size of each sheet also may vary due to the deckle edges and the vagaries of the drying process. One side of this paper is more textured than the other due to the drying process.

Sheet Size: 16" x 24", 

Caba papers have been discontinued.  A few colors remain in stock

Please see Amate Bark Paper for a larger variety of colors and patterns of these handmade Mexican papers.