Carbosorb Mask

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A revolutionary new respirator containing a layer of activated charcoal cloth in addition to a sub-micron particulate filter. This mask provides the same level of protection as larger respirators, but without the sweaty and cumbersome plastic housing and filters associated with them. The user stays cool and dry under the mask with very minimal breathing resistance.
Among the compounds that can be absorbed by the carbon cloth are: acids, alcohols, aldehydes / ketones, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, ethers, halogens, nitrogen compounds, and sulphur compounds. The micron cloth will block particulate matter 3 microns or greater from passing. Approved under FFP1S European Standard. Pending NIOSH approval. TEST REPORT Performance of a CARBOSORB PLUS mask in comparison to a usual activated charcoal mask. The following data shows the adsorption capacity for vapours. Test conditions: Test vapour Toluol Filter area 3,5 cm Concentration 10 ppm Air speed 40l / min Temperature 22 C Rel. humidity 80 % Relative filter performance of both masks in relation to a 90% dedusting effect (i.e. from 10ppm to 1ppm Toluol). Results: Mask Life cycle Carbosorb Plus mask 35 min. Usual mask 1 min. This shows that a Carbosorb Plus mask has 35 times better adsorption capacity in comparison to granulated activated charcoal in usual masks.