Daige Maxit Adhesive Refill

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$90.00 to $170.00



These adhesives are designed for use in the Daige Maxit Gluing Machine.

The MXII is a pressure sensitive adhesive designed to provide unsurpassed adhesion to just about any surface.  Only a very thin coating of adhesive is needed.  After coating the media the adhesive stays permanently tacky but will not come off or transfer onto ones fingers.  You can then mount it any time.  MXII will stick to sintra, wood, glass, metal, and most other surfaces.  This adhesive is suitable for almost all applications with the exception of making book and album blocks, and duplexing cover stock material.

The RP is a hot melt adhesive designed for doing album blocks, duplexing of cover stock, and invitations.  After coating media, mounting must be done within 3 minutes.  Provides a permanent bond to all surfaces, and dries stiffer than the MXII.  Dries over time, so there is no transfer of adhesive to cutting blades when trimming mounted media.  

Both adhesives are sold in pillows which completely dissolve in the Maxit machine.  Average coverage (actual depends on thickness of adhesive applied) of each type of adhesive is:
RP = 2600 Square Feet per 15 Pound Box 
MX = 2010 Square Feet per 12 Pound Box