Daige Maxit Adhesive System

SKU: Maxit-Coater


$985.00 to $1,395.00



The Daige Maxit Adhesive System is a motorized gluing machine suitable for a wide range of complex mounting projects.

Excellent for adhering covering materials in bookbinding, duplexed business card, mounting wide format prints, custom invitations, presentations, and creating album and book blocks.

The Maxit has motorized rollers and coaters that feed material through providing a uniform and quick layer of adhesive to the back side of the material.  The adhesive provides a permanent bond to all surfaces, costs 70% less than adhesive rolls, cleaner to work with, no cleanup at end of day, and faster to apply than other liquid adhesives.  

The unit warms up in 55 minutes and is ready to use.  At the end of the day unit can be shut off with no cleanup necessary.  When motor is turned on to feed prints through, they run at 4 seconds per foot.

The actual width of each gluer is 0.5" wider than the dimensions shown above.  The dimensions above indicate the widest width material that can be comfortably run through the gluer.

Gluers are designed to use Daige MXII or Daige RP adhesives.

These gluers are built to order and ship directly from the factory.  Please allow extra time for shipping and delivery.