Zerkall Frankfurt Paper

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1 - 9 (Sheets) $3.92
10 - 49 (Sheets) $3.53
50 - 99 (Sheets) $3.33
100 - 199 (Sheets) $3.14
200 + (Sheets) $2.94
$3.92 (Sheets)



Mouldmade in Germany by Zerkall using a blend of cotton, cotton linters, and high alpha cellulose, this unique stationery and printing paper is softly textured with unique wavy laid lines and soft vellum finish.
Each sheet has two natural deckles and two tear deckles, and is well suited as a book, printing, and writing paper. All sheets are acid free, neutral sized, alkaline buffered with calcium carbonate and contain no optical brighteners. They meet the requirements for permanence according to ANSI/NISO Z 39.48-1992 and DIN ISO 9706. 

Sheet size: 21" x 30"   Grain direction:  short
Color:  White and Cream
Weight:  120 gsm