Gamblin Pigmented Wax Resin (PWR) Stick Sets

    SKU: TPD019714





    Pigmented Wax Resin Sticks (PWR) were developed at Buffalo State College Art Conservation Dept under the leadership of James Hamm with research performed by Christine McIntyre. Gamblin Conservation Colors was chosen to bring this wonderful material to the paintings conservator in the spirit of making your work easier and Talas is excited to offer this to our customers.

    Pigmented Wax/Resin (PWR) is ideal for filling losses in paintings. The material is easy to manipulate using moderately heated tools to quickly fill losses. The texture of canvas weave and paint can be impressed into the material to match the adjacent surface, or the fill can be sculpted. Cracks and other physical irregularities of an aged painting are easily replicated using dental tools.

    Since the PWR fill is placed in the loss area only, there is no residue on the surrounding paint. This eliminates the possibility of ghosting in dark passages which can occur using other methods.

    Available in a set of 12 Colors.