Golden MSA Gel

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    GOLDEN MSA Gel is based on a Mineral Spirit Acrylic resin system. It dries to a semi-rigid film with limited flexibility, having excellent dust and mar resistance, along with exceptional exterior durability.

    Blending MSA Gel with GOLDEN MSA Varnish and pigments will yield a mineral spirit based paint system. The more MSA Varnish is added, the better the leveling abilities of the paint. MSA Gel can also be blended with linseed oil paints to decrease the drying time.

    MSA Conservation paint may be blended with MSA Gel at any ratio. When mixing with linseed oil paints, limit the mixing ratios to the following:

    1) 75-100% MSA Gel/25-0% oil paint OR
    2) 25-0% MSA Gel/75-100% oil paint.

    These ratios give the safest regions where proper film formation should occur. Other ratios may result in crack formation, particularly in thick applications.

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