Halo Travel Frame Kit - 18" x 24"

    SKU: TAS111001





    This kit includes all of the components necessary to complete a 18" x 24" frame.

    (x4) Corners
    (x2) 6" Clips
    (x2) 12" Clips

    The Halo fine art travel/storage frame was developed by artists for artists, galleries, museums, art transport/storage facilities, and private collectors. It is the best addition to or replacement of existing storage and transportation methods and packing collars, pre-isolating for crating, and is ideal for storage of wet paintings.

    The Halo is a product that consists of rigid impact resistant ABS plastic rails, corners, and clips that fasten to the reverse side of a stretched painting. Once attached it provides a protective collar around the painting, which then allows stretched plastic sheeting to be wrapped around the art while being held off the surface of the piece. It can then also be crated for further protection.

    All components are sold singly for greatest flexibility. Rails can easily be cut to size with a saw, or multiple sections used to span one side of a painting.

    Based on a 1” side standoff, using a 1” thick piece of foam to help to keep your standoff consistent, and using 6” clips, your Halo is adaptable and can fit a painting up to 4” larger and 2” smaller than the size you bought it for.