Kwikprint Foil Stamping

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    $1,375.00 to $1,775.00



    A Hot foil stamping machine suitable for single edition tilling to full production runs. Our Kwikprint machines are built to order to each customers specifications, allowing you to purchase only the options and attachments necessary for your requirements.

    Model 86 is easy to use and extremely versatile. This machine has a vertically adjustable printing head, allowing for up to a 6" clearance between typeholder and the printing platform, usefull for printing on pre made boxes, books, and other larger items. This machine now comes standard with the one way (front to back) platform.

    Model 55 is particularly designed to meet the needs of entry level hot stamper. Because of its simple designed, this unit can be easily upgraded and has plenty of accessories and attachments. Incorporates a 16" throat depth (distance from center of plate to back of column), and has clearance of 1.75" - 2.25" between the typeholder and the table. This machine now comes standard with the one way (front to back) platform.

    To make the Kwikprint machine operational, a typeholder and heat control must be purchased. In addition many other accessories are available that add to the functionality of the machine. Also available are various sizes of typeholders, automatic foil feeders, and a two-way adjustable platform. Certain options such as line finders and adjustable platforms are cheaper when purchased initially on the machine rather than separately later in time, as indicated.