Peachey Bradawl

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    A Bradawl has a chisel point, much like a birdcage awl. The chisel point makes it easy to pierce binders board by rotating the tool, and since the blade is a consistent one eight of an inch in diameter, there is no danger of forcing it too deep and making a hole that is too large. The small size and short blade make it easy to use the forefinger as a depth gauge. The chisel point also makes it much easier to easy to stuff the slips through the holes than using a standard awl. In fact, it seems absurd to attempt to stuff the slips into a pierced hold using a sharp point. This bookbinders bradawl has a 2" x .125" diameter M2 high speed steel blade sharpened into a chisel point. This steel holds an edge well when dealing with abrasive binders board. This diameter fits most common cord thicknesses, and by twisting it the hole can be enlarged. The sharp edge can also scratch a line. The 3 inch pear shaped ebony handle with a Danish Oil finish fits comfortably in the hand, tapering gracefully from 1.25" at the thickest point, to .375" where the brass ferrule joins the handle to the blade.