Ruscombe Mill Herschel Platinotype Paper

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The Ruscombe Mill in France produces some of the finest handmade papers. Herschel paper is a well established alternative to Buxton Platinum.  

The Herschel paper represents a substantial development in that it is made from 100% linen cellulose fibre. 

This linen paper is generally warmer in tone than the cotton of Buxton which is made from refined flax. It is inherently neutral, archival fiber and extremely long lasting.
Herschel paper is an inert paper medium to take photographic sensitizers for the Plainotype and other siderotype (iron-based)  processes, which include cyanotype, argyrotype, palladio type and kallitype.  The paper provides a dense sheet with high wet strength.

Size: 22" x 30"
Weight: 200gsm
Grain direction:  Short