SB50 Brass & Copper Cleaner

SKU: TCD126004


SB50 will clean brass, copper and many other materials. It's deep cleansing capabilities will dissolve dirt, grime and grease and leave brass and copper bright and clean. Perfect for cleaning dirty hand tools and type that have become dirty from use over the years. SB50 is a safe, water soluble, biodegradable solution that contains no hazardous solvents. For best results, dilute SB50 with hot water. A 50/50 dilution would be advisable for very dirty items. For general cleaning and prevention of dirt build-up, a much weaker solution can be used. Place the items to be cleaned in the solution, if cleaning tools on wooden handles, stand the tools upright in the container - try not to allow the handle to become wet. You may prefer to just submerse the head of the tool and not the shank although this will leave a 'tide mark' on areas not soaked in the solution.