Surface Temperature Thermometer

SKU: TEC022001


This thermometer features outstanding response and sensitivity. Their extremely low thermal mass and weight (1/2 ounce), along with a unique design, assure intimate thermal contact and a very rapid readout. Each thermometer is guaranteed to an accuracy of 2% of full scale range. A very useful tool for testing the temperature of flat surfaces such as on hot tables, hot plates, irons, ovens and other heated equipment. Range: 50 to 500 degrees F. The bimetallic sensor has direct contact with the surface to be measured. In response to temperature, the sensor expands or contracts, causing the dial itself to rotate. The basic thermometer is designed for flat or slightly curved surfaces. Ancillary (max-min) hands are furnished on certain models to indicate the lowest and highest temperatures reached during the thermometer's exposure. Size: 1 3/4" diameter x 1/2" high.