The Artist's Assistant: Oil Painting By Leslie Carlyle

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    Fascinating, accessible and carefully structured, The Artist's Assistant is the first comprehensive and critical analysis of information on nineteenth-century artists' materials. An invaluable resource, not only for conservators and historians of art technology, but also for artists, researchers and teachers who wish to work with authentic materials. Introduction Part I - Materials: Oils and Driers Part II - Materials: Resins and Varnishes Part III - Materials: Mediums and Oil Paints Part IV: Materials: Grounds and Supports Part V: Painting Methods: Systems and Application Part VI: The Durability of 19th Century Paintings Materials 'This huge volume is a godsend to enlighten professionals and students alike about some of the hidden and complex realities that lie on the surface of 19th century paintings. It provides greater understanding of artist's materials and methods and their evolution, and kindles insight and deeper appreciation for the subtle complexities of their ravishing beauty. No serious art scholar, and certainly no museum or art history department library, should be without it.' MUSE magazine, Canadian Museums Association, 12 November 2002, volume XX/6 '...a highly useful, easily accessible and very important handbook for those concerned with English or English-influenced painting.' Hans-Christoph von Imhoff, The Journal of The International Institute for Conservation of Historic Artworks(2002) Volume 47, Number 2 pp 139 - 40. This .. astounding contains remarkable scholarship of the highest order. It provides a wealth of information about the development of English oil painting in an accessible and readable way. This is a reference that should be in every art-history library. It will prove an especially valuable resource for conservators who do research in order to treat nineteenth-century English paintings College Art Association Journal Hardback 592 Pages