The Broad Spectrum

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Color on paper presents significant treatment challenges and research opportunities for the conservator and conservation scientist. Understanding the use of colored media on paper informs art historical interpretations of works of art and leads to a better appreciation of technique. Recently, a distinguished group of conservators, conservation scientists and art historians came together in Chicago to discuss and debate advances in the investigation of colored media as used by artists over five centuries. This book presents the edited proceedings of the conference, The Broad Spectrum: The Art and Science of Conserving Colored Media on Paper, and is centered on five broad themes: - Pastel and Chalk - Watercolor and Ink - Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Materials - The Colored Materials of Asian Art - New Methods and Technologies for Assessing Fading of Colored Media This comprehensively illustrated volume represents a unique collection of expertise and will be of interest to art historians and curators as well as researchers, practitioners and students of conservation. The Broad Spectrum ia a handsome volume; rarely have conference papers read so well or looked so good. it is also an important book. It documents an incipient change in the field of paper conservation and distiguishes us all by the scholarship it contains. Buy one for yourself, and one for an art historian you want to impress. Judith Walsh, JAIC 43 (2004) Hardcover, 264 Pages, 208 Illustrations.