Tritan 365 & 365M UV Lamps

SKU: UV Triton


$1,275.50 to $1,355.70
A Versatile, High-Intensity, Multi-LED, Broad-Beam UV-A Inspection Lamp

A true multi-purpose UV inspection lamp, with three powerful ultra-hi-flux UV-A LEDs for component inspection, plus a white light LED for illumination of dark work spaces. Its compact head, ergonomic body design and broad-beam configuration make it the perfect lamp to meet countless inspection requirements! Available in both an AC version (TRI-365) and an AC/DC battery-operated version (TRI-365M).


- Ultra-high UV-A intensity up to 20,000µW/cm2

- Large 4" (10cm) diameter coverage area at 15" (38cm), with a minimum UV-A intensity of 2,000µW/cm2.

- Instant-on operation allows lamp to reach full intensity immediately!

- Grip-mounted, three-way rocker switch (white light/off/UV) for easy control of light sources.

- Rubber bumper with Borofloat® glass lens protects LEDs from damage.

- Rugged, light weight, angled lamp body provides safe, fatigue-free handling.

- Built-in fan keeps LEDs cool to maintain optimum light output during extended use.

- Long 8' (2.4m) power cord with AC plug.

- Includes UV-absorbing spectacles.


Lamp Head Diameter: 3.25in (8.25cm)

Length: 8.0in (20.3cm)

Weight: 1lb (454g)

Light Sources: 3 UV LEDs, 1 white light LED

Power Requirements: TRI-365 - 120VAC; TRI-365M - 120VAC/12VDC

Battery Pack (TRI-365M)

Type: 12V, rechargeable NiMH; Runtime: 2hrs; Charge Time: 4.5hrs; Weight: 1.5lb (0.7kg)