Zonarez 7115

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    Zonarez 7115 is a wax tackifier (modifier) which is commonly blended with microcrystalline waxes, to produce a traditional wax adhesive for relining of paintings. 

    Zonarez 7115 is often blended with Multiwax W-445, Victory Lite or Beeswax in the ratio of 1 part Zonarez 7115 to 3 parts microcrystalline wax by weight. 

    To prepare this mixture, first melt the wax to approx. 175°F and then add the Zonarez 7115 to the melted wax. Do not to let the temperature of the mixture exceed 185°F or the over-heating of the Zonarez can cause a loss of its properties. 

    Zonarez 7115 is a Polyterpene Resin.

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