Book Restoration Unveiled: An Essential Guide for Bibliophiles

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A Must-read for Every Bibliophile! 

Book Lovers: Learn what can be done and what should be avoided to preserve a book's value. 

Book Collectors: Discover how to identify restorations, facsimiles, sophistications, and even fraud. 

Book Dealers: Get the information you need to decide whether or not it is worth it to have a book restored. 

Book Conservators: Help your clients communicate with book anatomy diagrams and terminology.

Librarians: Have at your fingertips the answer to: “Where can I go to get my book restored?” 

Through personal stories, illustrations, and interviews with book experts, the world of book restoration is laid out so that every book lover can find their way. This is not another how-to repair manual. Instead, it is a map to the who, what, when, where, and why of restoration. It illuminates a shadowy topic in the book world and bridges the gap between conservators and collectors. The goal is to encourage all of us to preserve our books for future generations. 

Book Restoration Unveiled: Chapters: 

1) A Brief History of Book Collecting and Restoration 
2) Is It Worth It? The Value of Book Restoration 
3) Book Lovers, Book Collectors, and Book Dealers
4) Bookbinders, Book Restorers, and Book Conservators
5) How to Identify Book Restorations 
6) Book Damage and Treatment Options
7) Facsimiles, Sophistications, and Fraud
8) Buying and Selling Restored Books