Japanese Conservation Papers

Japanese papers, or washi, are renowned for their strength and longevity making them sought after in the Art Conservation industry. TALAS stocks a wide variety of papers and tissues sourced from respected papermakers working with high quality fibers including Kozo, Gampi and Mitsumata. Japanese Washi can be difficult to judge without seeing and feeling a sample, which is why we make a Japanese Conservation, Mending and Hinging Sample Book.

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Kozo Kashmir Paper
$2.38 to $3.47
Misugami-Medium Paper
$6.30 to $8.55
Mulberry Paper
$4.28 to $5.81
Tengujo Antique Paper
$3.34 to $4.40
Tengujo Colored Kozo

Out of Stock

Tengujo M.M. Paper
$1.95 to $2.73
Tengujo Thick Paper
$4.10 to $5.40
Tengujo Thin Paper
$3.15 to $4.41
Tengujo Thin #2 Paper
$2.58 to $3.74