Bookkeeper Deacidification Spray

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    The Bookkeeper products preserves and protects all forms of paper based materials.  It deposits a safe, non-toxic alkaline buffer into the structure of the paper.  This buffering agent neutralizes acids that can rapidly weaken the paper and cause it to become brittle.

    It is safe to use on paper, and will not cockle or deform paper, and is safe with almost all inks and printing on paper.  A simple spray will hault the deterioration of paper.  It is suitable to use on bound and unbound documents, printed and handwritten materials, newsprint, books, letters and envelopes, postage stamps, maps, prints, etc.  The process uses no solvents and will not move, feather, loosen, or harm inks, adhesives, covers, leather, plastic, metals, or fabrics.

    The buffering agents are microscopic particles of an alkaline compound (magnesium oxide). The particles are dispersed and suspended in an inert liquid (a blend of non-toxic fluorinated materials).  This dispersion can be applied by dipping or spraying.  In contact with paper, the alkaline particles attach and blend with the paper structure, and the liquid simly evaporates.  Because the formula contains no water, the liquid does not cause the paper fibers to swell or make the paper “wet” and it will not cockle, stiffen, or deform the paper or printing on the page from the application. 

    Treated materials have been tested and compared with untreated control samples in independent tests conducted by the Library of Congress, the Institute of Paper Science & Technology (Atlanta), the Image Permanence Institute (Rochester), and others.  By using accelerated aging, these tests have shown that treatment by the Bookkeeper process should extend the usable like of paper based materials by a factor of at least 3-5 times.

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