Jim Croft Handmade Bone Folders

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    Uniquely shaped and beautifully constructed bone folders, made from wild Elk, Moose or Deer. Function superbly and are a wonderful addition to any binder's bone folder tool supply kit.
    All materials are from found sources.

    MINI FOLDER/MINI CLAW- Good for delicate & miniature work. Made from Deer or Elk.
    LIFTER - Both straight & rounded edge are single bevel (flat on underside & angled on top), enabling this tool to delicately lift layers of material, spread adhesive, & smooth in a unique way other pointed tools are able to accomplish, made from Elk.
    FINE FOLDER- Good for delicate & miniature work. Made from Deer bone.
    MAIN FOLDER- The workhorse of folding, shaping, smoothing, scoring, pressing. Generally made from Elk bone.
    BOXMAKER/RADPOINT BOXMAKER - Superb flat bottom surface compliments more rounded surfaces on other folders. Good for smoothing & burnishing. The radpoint tip is shockingly swept up, but still allows user to comfortably get hand close enough to work. Generally made from Elk bone.
    CLAW - Grabs & offers a different angle for unusual jobs & projects. Made from Deer bone.

    All are sold individually and are one-of-a-kind. Sizes and shapes vary and are priced accordingly.

    Please note:  Claws do not have hole as pictured.