Custom Cut Materials Sample Box

  • This product has been made in our facility in Brooklyn, NY! We are proud to have been certified as a Brooklyn-Made Company by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.
SKU: TPB567100





This archival sample Clamshell T03 box is constructed from either our Heritage® Corrugated Board in E or E-PLUS Flute. 

Samples fit neatly inside of the 3"x3" box.  Samples include: Heritage® Corrugated Board (E-flute, E-PLUS, B-flute, BB-flute), Barrier Board, Coroplast, and 20 Pt. Bristol Board. 

Heritage® Corrugated Board sets the standard in the next generation of archival corrugated board. Greatly exceeds the quality of other boards available on the market today, and passes much more stringent testing for permanence than simply the Photo Activity Test (PAT). 

For a limited time only, these sample boxes are being offered free of charge! Be sure to add one to your next order.