Davey Binder's Board

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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A superior quality binders board, now acid-free (pH level above 7.0) sought after by hand bookbinders for its high density and single ply construction.

Suitable for all hardcover book and box construction, as well as albums, ring binders, decorative boxes, scale model making, game boards, etc.  It single ply wet lap construction provides the greatest warp resistance and superior dimensional stability.   A sample book of the various thickness boards is available.

Davey Red Label is a high-density homogeneous board with a proven record as a standard component in NASTA/MSST Specification grade book manufacturing and Library binding. Boards meet or exceed all requirements of the Book Manufacturing Institute (BMA) as tested to appropriate ANSI, ASTM pr TAPPI Standards. Boards have a desirable degree of surface smoothness; high flex strength and excellent corner crush resistance.
During stock preparation, no bleaching agents, chemicals or ingredients added considered hazardous under the OSHA Hazard Communication Regulation.

Please note that thickness is represented in inches, with the approximate conversions.
0.07" = 70 Point = 1/15" = 1.8mm
0.08" = 80 Point = 1/12" = 2.0mm
0.098" = 98 Point = 1/10" = 2.5mm
0.12" = 120 Point = 1/8" = 3.0mm

Boards may vary significantly in color and have surface markings and mottling from the manufacturing process.  

Grain direction:  
34" x 41" (long)
20" x 34" (short)
9" x 11.5" (long) 
5.25" x 7.25" (variable)

The 34x41 and 20x34 sheets come with rough mill edge.