Dupont Archival Tyvek

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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Tyvek is a great surface for painting and drawing for artists, as well as for packing and storage of art, covering work surfaces, interleaving between oversize materials, drop cloths, and countless other uses.

Tyvek combines all the best physical properties and characteristics of paper, film, and fabric. Tyvek is equally strong and protective dry or wet. It is lightweight, flexible, smooth, particulate free, opaque, and resistant to water, rot, mildew, chemicals, abrasion, and aging.

Made from 100% high density polyethylene fibers. Tyvek is manufactured in a unique flash-spinning process without the use of binders. Tyvek is formed by continuous process from very fine 0.5-1.0 micrometer fibers- 50x smaller than a human hair. These fibers are first spun and then bonded together by heat and pressure until a solid sheet structure is formed. All Tyvek styles are acid free with a neutral pH 7, and do not contain any anti-static coatings found on most commonly available Tyvek.

Smooth Texture Grade 10G (this grade has been renamed by Dupont) This smooth form is what most people recognize as Tyvek. It has a smooth, stiff non-directional paper-like substrate, and can be used for printing, painting, making envelopes, and many other uses.

Basis Weight 1.85 oz/yd2
Thickness 6.3 - 6.5 mil (0.0063 inch, 0.16mm)
+/-3 Sigma Range 4.2-10.8
Strip Tensile (MD) 37-44 lbs/in
Strip Tensile (CD) 41-49 lbs/in
Tear Elmendorf (MD) & (CD) 0.8-1.1 lbs

Soft Structure (Grade 14-M) This grade of Tyvek has a unique waffle like pattern embossed into it and is designed specifically for applications where drape, hand, and soft feel are of prime importance. Tyvek® Soft Structure is also low-linting, smooth, opaque and can easily be sewn. 1.25 oz/yd2.

Both grades have a melting point of 275°F
All rolls are 60" wide.

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