Gels in the Conservation of Art

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    This book contains the pre-printed papers and posters which were then presented at the Gels in Conservation conference, London 16-18 October 2017, plus an Appendix by Richard Wolbers 'Terminology and Properties of Selected Gels'.

    The texts in this volume represent the current theory, research and practice on the use of gel materials for treatment processes in the conservation of objects of art and surfaces in the built environment.  The range of gels featured includes those drawn from the biological, cosmetic, and food industries, as well as emerging products created specifically for conservation purposes.

    The growing importance of these materials and their positive impact on conservation and environmental practice in terms of the use of fewer solvent-based, less toxic materials represents one of the conservation profession's contributions to the green movement.  Some of the gel treatments discussed make for significantly safetr working conditions, and all of them seek to manage and reduce risks to artworks and objects undergoing treatment....helping to shape the path of future research in the specific area of cleaning fine art surfaces.