Heritage Map Folders

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
  • Need a different size or material? This item is customizable. Please inquire.
  • The Photo Activity Test (PAT) is an accelerated test that predicts the affects a material may have on photographic images.
  • This product has been made in our facility in Brooklyn, NY! We are proud to have been certified as a Brooklyn-Made Company by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.
SKU: Heritage-Map-Folders


1 - 9 $3.64 - $19.50
10 - 49 $3.32 - $18.20
50 + $2.99 - $16.90
$3.64 to $19.50



Map folders are ideal for the flat storage of large work such as maps, drawings and blueprints. Handy for organizing and protecting works within flat files or shelves. Square cut corners with both front and rear leaf of equal height. All folders are folded on the long side, and can be easily cut with a knife to a smaller size for a custom fit. Available in .10 and .20 gray stock.

All of our map folders are made of either .10 or .20 point lignin and acid free board with a minimum pH of 8.5, buffered with a 3% of calcium carbonate and meets the ANSI IT9.2 Standards. Safe for long term archival storage.

Sizes below indicate the folded size of the folder, and the number in parentheses next to measurement is the paper thickness. 10pt is our standard file folder stock (0.010"), and 20pt is a heavyweight stock for added protection and support (0.020").