Hewits Aniline Dyes, Set of 10

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    These Dyes are specially selected for the staining of Vegetable Tanned Leathers. A range of ten colors has been carefully chosen from which we consider it is possible to match the majority of possible colors. Variations of shades can be obtained by adding small quantities of a contrasting color to the basic shade. The intensity of the color can be determined by the strength of the solution used. It is inadvisable to endeavor to make too great a change, rather start again with a different base shade. To prepare a solution from the powder, a small quantity should be made into a paste with cold water, then boiling water added until the required dilution is obtained. If the solution is too concentrated, a "Bronze" effect will result.
    Please note that the current lot is in paste consistency. We have been informed by J. Hewit that the dyes will preform the same in powder or paste form. Available in 50gm jars.

    Set of 10 colors.