Inspectalight UV Flashlight

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$13.50 to $309.10



The Inspectalight brings together outstanding quality and features for ultraviolet inspection for the inspection of art.   This non destructive testing flashlight features a high intensity 365nm UV LED which shines through a specialized aspheric lens to create a uniform field of light.  Perfect for detailed inspection of surfaces to reveal the smallest details.

-Uniform Field of Light through optics
-365nm wavelength UV
-Intensity: 5500μw/cm2 at 15cm
-Li-Ion Battery & Charger
-Strong metal Weatherproof Housing

The user replaceable battery solves the biggest issue and complaint customers have with the Reskolux flashlight.  The LI-Ion battery is a readily available battery which is removed by unscrewing the end of the flashlight for charging or replacement.

An affordable version of the Reskolux flashlight without sacrificing quality, the Inspectalight is a must for any conservators tool box.