Japanese Roll Paper Sample Book

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New and Revised sample book contains all lightweight and heavyweight papers for mending, conservation, and chine colle in roll form. 
Samples Included: Gampi #20 (Natural & White) Haini 3.5 & 5gsm, Haruki, Kinwashi (Natural & White),Kitikata, Kozo-Shi, Masa (Bright White & Soft White), Misu Thick, Mulberry (Thick & Thin), Okawara, Rayon (Usukuchi 12g & 18g), Rayon Thick, Shikoku Surface Gampi (Natural & White), Sekishu Rolls (Extra Thick, Thick, Medium, Thin & Extra Thin) Shiramine, Tengujo (3, 5 & 9gsm), Toyo Gampi.
Sample Book Size: 4" x 9"