Lascaux Fixative

    SKU: TFK061001




    Lascaux is a transparent, pure, thermoplastic, acrylic resin fixative whose high quality has been tried and tested in many fields including art teaching, graphic and fine art, printing, bookbinding and architectural draftsmanship. It has proven successful for many uses, especially for conservation. Lascaux Fixativ is suitable for fixing pencil, charcoal, pastels, wax crayons, watercolours, Indian ink, tempera, photos, lithographs, art prints, photographs, rub letters, gold leave, blueprints etc. It can also be used as a final sealing for Lascaux Aquacryl. It produces a non-matte film which dries clear, flexible, and is extremely lightfast and is non-yellowing. This product will leave the original hue of the colors unchanged after drying. Lascaux Fixative seals without aging and forms a lightfast, invisible scratch-proof seal. Contains no fluorocarbons. 12oz aerosol can.

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