MarvelSeal 360

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    An aluminized nylon and polyethylene barrier film that will resist the passage of vapors together with other atmospheric gases and pollutants. An ideal barrier for the lining of wooden shelves and for lining of transport crates. Has also been found to be successful for fabricating custom bags due to the ease at which it can be welded. Approx. 5 mil. thick.

    We supply MarvelSeal 360 in an unprinted format, meaning it does not have the typical red lettering printed continuously throughout the material preferred by customers for conservation applications. However although it comes from the same mill, the mill will not provide a certificate of analysis for this unprinted product.
    Seals at 375F, 26PSI, for 1 second.
    All Rolls are 48" wide.

    Shown here with our Hot Tacking Tool, useful for welding this material into custom enclosures. Sold separately.

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