Microcrystalline Waxes - 5 Pound Slab

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    Acid-free inert waxes made from petroleum. Higher melting point waxes are used for the impregnation of corrosion-encrusted materials and wood objects, and for coating metal. Lower melting point waxes are used as ingredients in formulas used for relining paintings. They are also suitable as ingredients in varnishes, polishes as well as positioning and securing objects and statuary.

    Multi W445 is also commonly referred to as museum wax or quake wax, as it is a soft wax that is used as an adhesive for fixing statues to a base or similar type applications as an adhesive.

    The needle point measurement measures the hardness of the wax, and specifically refers to how far a specific needle can penetrate the wax at a temperature of 77°F. The higher the number, the softer the wax; the lower the number, the harder the wax.

    All microcrystalline waxes are sold in 5 pound slabs.

    Be Sq #175 Amber 16/19 175-180F
    Multiwax W445 White 25/35 170-180F
    Multiwax W835 White 60/80 171-178F
    Victory Wax White 26/29 171-178F

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