Open Wire Shelving Shelves

    SKU: Wire-Shelving-Shelf


    $28.00 to $73.60



    Unlike other wire shelving on the market, our chrome wire shelving is certified by NSF International. High quality chrome finish is very attractive and durable. Open wire construction reduces dust build-up, allows free light and air circulation, increases sprinkler effectiveness and improves visibility. Fast, easy to assemble. No tools required. Each shelf is adjustable in 1" increments.

    - Independently certified by NSF International
    - Attractive chrome finish
    - Corrosion resistant
    - Easy to assemble
    - Interchangeable with other major brands

    Four uprights and a minimum of two shelves of the same size are required to make one unit. Additional shelving units can be added onto the first unit, requiring only two uprights since they attach to the other two uprights of the adjoining unit.