Persist Solvent Gels

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For professional use only. Extensive surface testing is advised before cleaning. Persist Solvent Gels may cause damage to items being cleaned and thus extreme caution is required during use.

In addition to solvent, these gels incorporate both a polyacrylate polymer and a surfactant (Surfactant A or B, depending on the solvent). Both polymer and surfactant are held together through ionic forces, and in most solvents, the bond is near permanent. The polymer increases the viscosity of the solvent, which allows for control of application, spreading and penetration of the solvent into the art structure. The surfactant aids in increasing the polymer solubility in a wide range of solvents and allows for an equally wide range of rinsing or clearance materials. The surfactant acts to solubilize and disperse intractable soils that are not easily dissolved in the solvent alone. These gel preparations have been manufactured to have consistent rheology, incorporated solvent and component purity.

Please note:  Polysciences (the original formulator of Wolbers Solvent Gel) is now selling the same product under the name of Persist Solvent Gel brand.  

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