Polyethylene Bags

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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$9.00 to $125.00



Poly bags are used extensively for the archival storage and protection of documents, photographs, objects, and other items. An alternative to expensive Mylar storage, these lightweight 2 mil and 4 mil bags provide superior protection while allowing safe handling, and clear viewing of the contents inside. All bags are slightly oversize to allow for matted materials of the size specified, and have a minimum 1/4" flap for positive closure.

The 2mil thickness is best suited to applications where adding less bulk is a main criteria, such as in a filing cabinet, where the addition of many bags will add as little bulk as possible.  The 4mil thickness provides the greatest strength and protection in situations where abrasion or great handling will occur.

The larger sizes of bags ship folded, and may have marks in the bag from such.  However these bags are made of a soft plastic and while these imperfections slightly affect the visual appearance they do not pose any damage to the contents stored inside.