Pre-Lim Surface Cleaner

    SKU: TCD088001




    Pre-lim is widely used in the professional restoration of arms and armour, sculpture, brass and copper exhibition cookware, ceramics and automobile paintwork. A slightly abrasive cleaner which does not scratch. It removes stubborn stains, oxidized grease/grime or mild corrosion from all solid surfaces (paint-work, plastics, polished metals, etc.). Widely used for professional cleaning of weaponry and armor, and ideal for exterior automotive surfaces. The formulation is based on blended Neuburg silica chalks in a water/white spirit emulsion. In normal use the product is not a health hazard. Pre-lim's cleaning/burnishing action is achieved with extremely fine control using a soft rag and light pressure. After a few minutes of air-drying, the residual chalky deposit is easily rubbed away with a clean rag, leaving surfaces dry and silk-smooth. To ensure that cleaned surfaces, especially metals, remain clean and bright, protect them with our glass-clear Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish for a long-lasting and visually-enhancing finish.

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