Revere Platinum

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The mouldmade paper is manufactured from 100% cotton, 320 gsm, but unlike most other archival fine art papers, it has no buffering alkaline agents (i.e. calcium carbonate) added during the paper-making process and little to no iron content. The paper prints extremely well, displaying rich, even tonality and deep blacks. The paper clears well in the solution baths and drys flat.

The platinum printing process is quite challenging because of the amount of steps required to achieve positive final results. The paper is surface treated with a very specific platinum coating, then image exposure using ultra violet light (very similar to the photographic process of generating prints), then the paper goes through several steps of a clearing process by immersing the print in several bathes of acid-based solutions to remove the platinum particle coating from the sheet's surface. 

The lack of buffering agents and iron is very important because of the print’s interaction with acid-based solutions during the clearing process which only cause a negative balance in the generating of a final print.

Sheet size:  22" x 30" and 30" x 44"  Grain direction: long
Weight:  320 gsm