Havel's Surgical Scalpel Blades

    SKU: Scalpel-Blades


    $6.50 to $28.50 $6.50 to $28.50



    The sharpest carbon steel surgical blades available for all of your cutting, trimming and scraping needs. Disposable blades snap onto a well-balanced handle, sold separately.

    Blades #10 - #15 fit handles #3 and #5
    Blades #20 - #25 fit handles #4 and #6

    Blades are individually wrapped and sold in Packs of 10 blades or boxes of 100.

    Blades are manufactured using a computer guided honing, cleaning, and testing technology to produce the highest quality and consistent edges today.  Made with the finest grades of carbon steel for every production.  The finest steels and state-of-the-art computer honing produce the finest quality blades.