TF1: Custom Phase Folder

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
  • Need a different size or material? This item is customizable. Please inquire.
  • The Photo Activity Test (PAT) is an accelerated test that predicts the affects a material may have on photographic images.
  • This product has been made in our facility in Brooklyn, NY! We are proud to have been certified as a Brooklyn-Made Company by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.





Four-flap folder built precisely to fit your needs.  All three dimensions (LxWxD) are fully customiable, as are the interior flap sizes.  The front flap will always be full coverage.

Use as-is, or store inside of your custom built  T03: Clamshell Box or T16: Two-Piece Box.
Now you can easily segment your documents or images for storage.

The beauty of our new manufacturing equipment is that you can produce a custom box without having a minimum order or exorbitant costs. Our 71x96" oversized cutting table make large scale storage effortless and affordable.

All boxes are cut onsite in Brooklyn NY, and our typical turnaround time is just a few business days.

For more information and pricing please email or call (, 212-219-0770).

We recommend constructing this style box from either our Heritage® Archival Corrugated BoardBristol Board, or Unbuffered Bristol Board.  

This box style also lends itself to construction from a wide variety of heavy weight Colored Papers, like Colorplan.