Text In The Book Format By, Keith Smith

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    Structure of the Visual Book introduces strategies for organizing pictures in the book format. Text in the Book Format extends these ideas for the writer and artist working with words and pages. This book is not about binding, computers, design, typography or the history of books, but the possibilities of conceiving text which utilizes the format not to distract, but assist the written word. Text in the Book Format examines the possibilities of conceiving text which utilizes the format to assist the written word. By considering the physicality of the book and the turning pages, text becomes a book experience, rather than a running manuscript. Text ideas are illustrated with diagrams as well as photo reprod uctions of books as examples. The book format is movement. Rhythms of syllables and moving pictures of implied imagery flowing within text is akin to music and cinema. Events depicted in writing unfold through time in space, alongside the physical act of turning pages. Awareness of space of the page, and composing the pages as well as the text, revolutionizes writing styles because it is a departure from the concept of seamlessly writing a running manuscript. The writer can take into consideration the demands and opportunities of the multiple page format. Pacing of the book is the synchronization or syncopation of the content with turning pages. In this manner the format can reinforce and even speak aside from the text. Writing specifically for the book format, as opposed to the single sheet format, brings to the reader a book experience. The Expanded Third Edition 2004, of Text in the Book Format has been updated, doubled in size to 256 pages, including 48 pages in color.