UV Exam Light B-260

    SKU: TEC030001





    The economical B-260 long wave UV lamp is precisely engineered to give you superior performance for many years. It's two 6-watt self filtered UV tubes emit a nominal 365nm intensity of 500 µW/cm2 (single tube) or 850 µW/cm2 (dual tubes) at 6 inches (15cm), and can be turned on and off independently.

    The unit runs on battery power for between 5-7 hours, has a built-in AC charger and cord that is contained in the unit itself, and can be charged on either 120v or 230v power. making this unit ideal for being taken on location and used in countless applications.

    Use replacement bulb BLE-480B. 

    Dimensions (HxWxD) 10.25" x 3.15" x 5.63"
    Weight: 4lbs.
    Charger: Built in AC charger with cord
    Operating Time: Approx 7 hours on one tube, 5 hours on two tubes