Legion Bamboo Paper Sheets

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As one of the more recent arrivals to our range of papers, Legion Bamboo paper brings yet another eco-friendly aspect to a cast of grades already featuring Cotton, Hemp, Kozo Mulberry and other “alternative” fibers.

In a world where the environmental impact of a product is at the forefront of discussion for both consumers and manufacturers alike, Bamboo stands out as one of the most renewable resources available. It has been known to sprout 3-4 feet a day making Bamboo the fastest growing plant on earth.

Though originally targeted toward our letterpress customers, Legion Bamboo has proven diverse in its application.  It works wonderfully when used for watercolor, acrylic, pastel, sketching and drawing.

The natural off-white warm tone paper is noted for its high quality and color vibrancy.

90% Bamboo and 10% Cotton.
Sheet size: 27.5" x 39" Grain direction: long