Acquerello Watercolor Paper

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Acquerello is a range of 100% cotton Italian mouldmade watercolor papers from the Magnani Mill available in two weights and surface textures. This range was created specifically with wet media application in mind, however it differs from its counterpart watercolor papers (it is not as hard and stiff to the touch). Neutral pH, is acid-free and chlorine-free.  A great paper at very good value.

The cold press(CP) (Italia) is unique in that it doesn't have the deep texture of most cold press watercolor papers. This lends itself to be a paper that has overlapping suitability for other mediums such as graphite, colored and watercolor pencil, pastel, charcoal, tempura and acrylic.
It has also found its way into printmaking being suitable for both etching and intaglio. The paper is not heavily sized, therefore it does not require long soaking times.
The hot press (HP) (Portofino) has the same sizing characteristics as the Italia (CP) surface but offers a surface that is appropriate for pen and ink, calligraphy, pencil and silkscreen.

Sheet size: 22"x30"    Grain direction: long
Sheet color:  White
Internally and externally sized, 2 natural and 2 tear deckles.

The 300 gsm/140lb has been discontinued by the mill.  Limited stock still available.
The 550 gsm/275lb is still currently available.