Acrysol ASE-60

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    Be advised that if this product freezes in transit, it will be rendered useless. Depending on your geographic location please take this into consideration when ordering. We will not refund orders that freeze in transit.

    Acrysol ASE-60 is an acid containing, cross-linked acrylic emulsion co-polymer. When the emulsion is diluted with water and neutralized with a base, each emulsion particle swells greatly. The emulsion clarifies under these conditions and becomes highly viscous.

    Acrysol ASE-60 is effective in improving low shear rate (Brookfield) viscosity, resulting in paints that have highly shear thinning characteristics. Paints formulated with Acrysol ASE-60 as a sole thickener exhibit a high yield value or gel structure. This structure develops upon removal of shear, hence Acrysol ASE-60 is suited to the development of moderately textured paints.

    As Acrysol ASE-60 is non-cellulosic, it offers a high degree of resistance to bacterial and enzymatic attack, resulting in long term paint viscosity stability. It is also recommended for use in textured paints, or as a secondary thickener to control sagging in paints having too much flow.

    This product should not be subjected to freezing temperatures in shipping or storage.

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