Rhoplex MC-76

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    RHOPLEX™ MC-76 cement modifier can be used in both sprayable and patching mortar applications. This acrylic polymer is designed for sprayable cementitious compositions – like EIFS basecoats and sprayable stucco-type coatings – and can be applied over a variety of surfaces. Applied correctly, this modifier works well on old concrete and masonry, brick, wood, metals and many other surfaces.

    Performance Advantages:
    --increased tensile and flexural strengths
    --excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces
    --excellent toughness
    --chemical resistance
    --exceptional pot life in high temperatures
    --good stability
    --ease of application
    --sediment-free, stable emulsion

    Technical Properties:
    Appearance Milky white liquid
    Solids content % 47 ± 0.5
    pH (when packed) 9.3-10.2
    Specific gravity 1.059
    Density, lbs/gal 8.8
    Freeze/thaw stability 5 cycles
    Glass transition temp (Tg), °C 13
    Min film-formation temp, °C 10-12

    Technical Information