Activated Charcoal Cloth

    SKU: TNW005001


    1 - 5 (Feet) $43.50
    6 - 14 (Feet) $38.00
    15 + (Feet) $34.50
    $43.50 (Feet)



    A unique cloth made of 100% activated carbon in a textile form that is then laminated to a polyester liner to facilitate handling and installation. Cloth can be used as both a material for the absorption of pollutants from display and storage cases as well as an anti-tarnish cloth for silver objects. Suitable for lining display cases, sewing in pouches, or lining drawers with. Can be easily handled and cut to size with scissors. 

    Zorflex® Activated Carbon Cloth has an extremely large surface area (1,000-2,000m2/g), being predominantly microporous. This, combined with the strong electrostatic forces developed within the cloth, enables the cloth to be highly efficient at adsorbing vapors and solvents and other pollutants.

    Width of the fabric is 1 meter (39") wide and sold by the foot.