Advanced Technology Tacking Iron

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    $49.95 to $63.95



    A compact hand held iron useful for setting heat set tissues, dry mounting, and other heat set adhesives such as BEVA. The shoe of this iron is coated with a non stick coating and has rounded sides which come to a pointed tip for getting into hard to reach areas. Temperature range is 212F to 428F and is accurately controlled by a computer chip within 3F from the desired setting. An extra long 12' power cord provides ample reach.

    Iron is also available in 220v for overseas customers in countries that operate on 220v electricity.

    Approximate Shoe Size (footprint):
    3" x 1.75" rectangle (not including tapered point)
    Distance from heel to point is approx. 5"

    Note:  After 30 days, product defects must be taken up directly with the manufacturer for warranty service.